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You’ve seen plenty of pictures of my Ripley County, Indiana ancestors’ final resting places. Now it’s time to see where they lived their lives!

The house in the above picture is where my great-grandparents, Charles Edward Rork and Hazel Eva (Shook) Rork lived in Osgood, Indiana. My grandfather, Harold Albert Rork grew up there. Later, Charles and Harold operated an ornamental iron shop together there. I assume the satellite dish was not there back then. 🙂

This house is directly across the street from the house in the first picture. Harold built this house for his family when  my mom was very young. They only lived there for a few years before they moved to Indianapolis, where Harold started his own ornamental iron shop. He continued to take his family down to Osgood most weekends to help with his father’s business. This picture was taken in the 1950s and the one below was taken around 2010. Not too much has changed!

The above picture is the farmhouse where my grandmother, Fern Dolores (Ray) Rork (wife of Harold, who is mentioned above) lived with her parents, Robert Ora Ray and Tressa (Cross) Ray. It is still a working farm in Ripley County. The family who lives there now was kind enough to take my family through the house a couple years ago. Unfortunately, I was not with them at the time.

This is an older picture taken at the farm. It’s hard to see, but my mom thinks that is my grandmother on the tractor.

This is the First Baptist Church in Osgood, Indiana. Several of my Rork ancestors were longtime members there and may have been founders.


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This is my third post about cemeteries I recently visited in Ripley County, Indiana. These graves are in Kingston Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Kingston, Indiana.

Kingston Presbyterian Church Cemetery

My 2x great-grandparents
David Andrew Ray (1851-1930)
Amy Emma Robison (Humphrey) Ray (1853-1926)

My 3x great-grandmother
Nancy (Birkley) Ray (1826-1899)
(She is buried with some other Rays who appear to be her children, but I did not see a marker for her husband, Francis Marion Ray.)

Brother and sister-in-law of my great-grandfather
Charlie H. Ray (1877-1962)
Hattie W. Ray (1880-1965)

There are several other graves in this cemetery that look like they could be relatives, but I will have to do some more research to figure out who they are.

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My mom’s side of the family has a long history in the southern Indiana county of Ripley County. It is near enough to home that several members of my family are able to take an annual day trip there. We typically visit the Napoleon Lutheran Cemetery to put flowers on the graves of my grandparents and both sets of great-grandparents on that side of the family. We also drive past some family homes and a few other family landmarks. This year, my family graciously agreed to visit two other nearby cemeteries to look for the graves of some other ancestors. I’d like to share my photos from each cemetery, so I’ll break this up into a few posts. This one will be about the Napoleon Lutheran Cemetery in Napoleon, Indiana.

Napoleon Lutheran Cemetery

My grandparents
Harold Albert Rork (1923-2003)
Fern Dolores (Ray) Rork (1925-1982)

My great-grandfather
Charles Edward Rork (1894-1977)

My great-grandmother
Hazel Eva (Shook) Rork (1902-1980)

My 3x great-grandfather
Bower Rork (1822-1863)

My 3x great-grandmother
Sarah (Mozingo) Rork (1827-1886)

My great-grandfather
Robert Ora Ray (1882-1949)

My great-grandmother
Tressa (Cross) Ray (1883-1960)

My 2x great-grandparents
William Cross (1855-1921)
Rebecca Jane (Waters) Cross (1853-1901)

My 3x great-grandfather
Thomas Milford Waters (1830-1907)
(His wife, Margaret Jane (Lewis) Waters should also be buried here, but I could not find a marker for her.)

My 4x great-grandparents
Rees A. Swinney (1811-1873)
Patience (Trapp) Swinney (1824-1905)

Next Time: Old Hopewell Cemetery

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To see more Wedding Wednesday posts by other bloggers, go to Geneabloggers.com.

This is the wedding picture of Robert Ora Ray and Tressa Cross Ray. They were married on March 17, 1904 in Osgood, Indiana.

They had four children:

Crystal Ardrey Ray, born July 18, 1910

Lillian Cora Ray, born September 30, 1912

Robert William Ray, born February 26, 1918

Fern Dolores Ray, born February 28, 1925 (my grandmother)

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1940 Challenges

I was able to find my great-grandparents (Joseph and Marie Hromada) and my grandmother and great-grandparents (Fern, Ora and Tressa Ray) in the 1940 Census by flipping through the census images online. My other three grandparents have turned out to be a bit more of a challenge.

My mother’s father, Harold Rork, should be easy to find. He would have been 17 years old and living with his parents in the same house they lived in for years in Osgood, Indiana. I’ve searched through all the pages of the Osgood enumeration districts (it’s a small town – there aren’t that many), but I couldn’t find them. Where could they be hiding?

My father’s parents have also been difficult to find. They were both living in Indianapolis when they met and were married in 1941. My grandmother, Mary Janet Rhodes, grew up in Indianapolis, so she should be there in 1940, probably living with her parents. I have their address, but they aren’t showing up on the page where they should be in the census.

My grandfather, Joseph Charles Hromada, was born in Chicago, but had moved to Indianapolis by 1940. He would be living on his own, but I don’t know the address or even the part of town where he lived. I don’t think I have the patience to look through every page of the Indianapolis census. I may have to wait for the indexing to be complete so I can search by name.

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