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Since I’ve been so focused on the Hromada family lately, I thought I’d post the wedding picture of my great-grandparents, Josef and Marie (Kovarik) Hromada.

Josef and Marie were married in Chicago on December 29, 1895. They had both just come to the United States from the Czech Republic two years before. They had two children, both born in Chicago: Louise and Joseph (my grandfather).


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Several weeks ago, I received an offer from Ancestry.com to try their brand new DNA test, called AncestryDNA. I had been wanting to have a genealogical DNA test done, and since they were offering it at a lower price than I have ever seen before, I decided to give it a try. After some anxious waiting, my results arrived last night! I am no expert on this subject, but I will do my best to explain how the test works, and then I will share my results.

The Test:

AncestryDNA is an autosomal DNA test. Many other tests are either Y-DNA tests or mtDNA tests, which can only uncover information about either the paternal or maternal side of your DNA. As an autosomal test, AncestryDNA can test both sides at the same time. The lab tests your saliva sample and analyzes all 23 pairs of chromosomes. They are able to narrow down your ancestry into regions of the world, as you will see in my results.

Since this is a new test, Ancestry.com warns its users that as their database of tests increases, your results could change slightly.

My Results:

British Isles:

This category covers England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This is no surprise since I know of at least two of my family lines that go back to Ireland. Perhaps I will uncover more British ancestors as I continue to research.

Eastern European:

At first glance, this is not a surprise since I know that my great-grandparents emigrated from what is now the Czech Republic. But, the list of countries Ancestry gives for this category does not include the Czech Republic. It does include countries with close ties to the Czech Republic, such as Slovakia and Hungary, so maybe my ancestry goes back to one of those countries.


The Scandinavian category includes Norway, Sweden and Denmark. According to Ancestry, this probably means my ancestry goes back to the Vikings, who spread their culture and ancestry throughout Europe and much of the rest of the world.

Southern European:

This category covers Italy, Spain and Portugal. I was surprised to see this in my results. I don’t know of any ancestors coming from that region of the world, but apparently there is something back in the past somewhere.

I’m glad I got the test done. It confirms some of what I already know and uncovers some new information as well. Ancestry uses their database to connect you with other users who have some DNA matches with you. I see several possible 4th-8th cousins on my list!

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My humble little blog has been included in the weekly New Genealogy Blogs post on GeneaBloggers.com! If you found your way to my blog because of it, thanks for stopping by. If you are interested in finding other genealogy blogs to follow, GeneaBloggers.com has a great directory. You’re sure to find something that interests you there.

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